A New Right To Repair Bill (Free Preview)

A New Right To Repair Bill (Free Preview)
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

This is a free preview of yesterday's more detailed edition on a new right to repair bill.

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Earlier this month, in another sign that the Right to Repair movement may be gaining momentum, three United States (U.S.) Senators introduced the latest bill to change United States policy to enshrine this policy in law. This bill follows two other recently released bills, and one that has unveiled last year. It may be that the tide against Big Tech is strong enough to allow for enactment of a Right to Repair bill . On the other hand, companies beyond just Apple, Microsoft, Google, and others would be affected if a broad bill were enacted, including automakers and farm equipment and appliance makers, among others. As a result, there may be enough opposition to make enactment of such legislation very difficult in an election year.

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